Create some Parisian chic at home {coat racks}

We can not all have walk in closets and to be honest mine would look really empty. But creating a little corner in our own bedroom or maybe having a wall in a small room is giving you lots of possibilities to be creative and make a little piece of art that is functional at the same time. A clothes rack, some black and white posters or pictures and a pair of shoes on the floor could already give you that little Paris chic – je ne sais quoi – feeling 😉 

The picture above I took in a shop in Amsterdam, I liked the look of it because it looks like my own bedroom where I also have a big framed black and white poster on the floor. It gives me a little Marais feeling and it reminds me of an inspirational trip to Paris last summer. 

I personally love to combine a coat rack with some fashion pictures, like I did here with my last years self designed hanging coat rack. I only hang my favorite clothes in black and white on the rack. 
Here you can see an older post with pictures from my my own corner at home.     

In case you are wondering where I keep the rest of my clothes I must confess that when having the new floors I throw out the old cabinets. And I still have some plastic boxes with t-shirts and jeans under my bed. And things like bags and scarves I keep in the rubber basket you see on the picture….. here are some more pictures of another self made clothing rack in white by weekday Carnival. 

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