March 3, 2013

Sunday Kitchen day | Open shelves

Let's make it a Kitchen day! After the previous post earlier today about the new white kitchen series by Miele | one of the sponsors of BlogTour NYC | I think these are some great examples of open shelves to combine with the new white plus Miele Series.

In my own kitchen I have a a black painted wall with white kitchen cabinets and appliances all in one. On a small wall I have an industrial table with some black and white tiles on it. Where I keep my daily things, like bowls for breakfast, glasses and coffee cups. I also have some tajini's on it and my favorite kubis candle holder from Mogens Lassen.

Before my kitchen renovation |see here and here| I had a small wall where I made a coffee corner with open shelves above it. I kinda like an informal corner in a kitchen where you can add some personal favorites to look at. 

pictures 1:Per Gunnarsson 2:Morton Holtum 3:Via My Scandinavian Retreat and Basic Label Sweden 4:Seventeendoors 5: Via The City Sage and Michael Graydon


basiclabelsweden said...

Goede morgen Desiree: de 4de foto met eikenschuifdeuren is mijn keuken :)) Hele fijne week, Kram | Marion

nannette said...

Die kast en 'worktop' van beton op de foto van The Style Files zijn geweldig, daar ging ik voor.

Littlefew said...

Nice kitchen day! I love them in black and white! ;-)

Have a happy week Des!

Albertine Grolmusova said...

Hi Desiree, I love these images, very nice, this is my favourite combination - white kitchen with black wall but now I am looking on image with black shelves and it is nice too. :)
Nice day!

hviit said...

Love it. I like the contrast and my Kitchen need a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration.

housebuyersofamerica said...

The kitchen looks very stylish and especially the coffee corner is just excellent. Love to provide my kitchen a look like that of yours.

Ruchi Verma said...

Combination of white and black color make this kitchen gorgeous