Creative with BEMZ | Blog tour Stockholm #4

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I would love to exchange my current grey sofa for a white and linnen copy |here in this post| and I think a white linnen sofa might be even closer than I thought. During our Blog tour in Stockholm we visited BEMZ on our first night in town. 

If you have a piece of IKEA furniture at home and you are bored by the look of it just like me, this is where BEMZ come in handy. They provide custom designed covers for a large range of IKEA chairs, sofa’s, cushions, bedspreads and many more. Big chance they can make a brand new cover for your couch as well. 

We visited their flagship store in Stockholm |Odengatan 22| where we could see examples and fabrics. After a few bits and bites we were challenged to design our own cushion cover… we could choose any fabric or paint as some of us used| from their huge samples table in the middle of the store. 

In case you would love to design your own cover, they provide free fabric samples for those who are not able to come to the store! See many examples here on the Bemz website. 

With this sofa and it’s designer still in mind I chose to work with black and white linnen and to keep the stitches visible on the outside. The pattern is somewhat predictable but I liked to work with this technique and the super soft linnen. 

Here are some more examples in white of IKEA furniture transformed with BEMZ covers. I had a wonderful first evening and would love to thank the girls over at BEMZ!

Bemz cover for Tylösand 2-seater sofa with 1 armrest, fabric: Absolute White Panama Cotton.Bemz daybed cover, fabric: Absolute White Panama Cotton | Picture by Bemz
Bemz daybed cover, fabric: Absolute White Panama Cotton | Picture by Bemz
                      Pictures Riikka Kantinkoski | Vosgesparis |Bemz 
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