February 18, 2014

Inspiration for your home | Daniella Witte's home

Have you seen Daniella Witte's new blog yet, all fresh and crispy just like the pictures of her office she showed this week. I love how her Origrami pictures on the wall colourwise match with the rug on the floor. I printed out some Origrami prints from my instagram as well a while ago, in black, see it here A collage on the kitchen wall I think I used the smaller polaroid size though.

When reading her blog, I came across another great DIY idea in her home. I loved to see the 'pimped' IKEA cabinets in her living. We see it in many homes now, customized IKEA cabinets with a wooden, marble or plywood top and I did it myself three years ago here: An IKEA besta makeover and still love the idea.

Daniella used some thin cement discs she had used on the outside of her home to bring back a concrete touch, I think it looks great, especially as she also added them to the wall and under the hanging cabinets. Great inspiration! 

 Pictures by Daniella Witte with thanks 


Igor Josifovic said...

She is such a fabulous stylist and I love her home - even though it has no colour but still I love it:-))

Anonymous said...

thanks for showing this wonderful home. looking at it feels so relaxing ...

Iro - Ivy said...

Thanks for sharing Desire! Absolutely gorgeous in every possible way: inviting - organised - vivid - personalized even when using products most of us know & have / use in our homes! I totally aggre with Igor, she is such a fabulous stylist { & interior designer I would add} it shows all over her own home - the place to begin with after all ;)

Kiss you my dear lady, xoxo