Fabrics and wood for monochrome homes

Living in a monochrome home myself, I think using some wood and fabrics makes my home more warm and cozy. The white cotton and bamboo |Ay Illuminate| lamps (In love with my Z1 & Z4) in my living and kitchen certainly add a beautiful natural touch to the white walls and the concrete I have in every room. But I have to admit my couch could use a makeover. 

I am dreaming for years of the Ghost sofa by Paola Navona, something I never really concerned seriously because of the big fat red cat that walked around. Remember Mister cheese? |Here is the little fella during a photo shoot| Anyway I still would so love to have it and I should start saving up seriously for the couch of my favorite designer. But for now there is the big grey couch and I am bored with the easy to wash cotton cushions on it. 

Maybe it’s the season that I am highly attracted to all things knitted at the moment. But I feel like a change… a big white blanket or two, like the ones in this post |cozy blankets| and some grey knitted cushions in different shades of gray certainly would fit my place. 

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