An industrial dream home X a steel room divider by vtwonen & a DIY

If you are a regular reader of Vosgesparis you might have seen me talking about Dutch interiors magazine vtwonen before, in Holland we do not only have the magazine but also a makeover show on television made by the stylists of the magazine together with a tv presenter. I love to watch the program and thought I’d show you some pictures of the first episode of the third season. I previously showed you another industrial loft shown in the tv show | An industrial loft & a stylist make an amazing home|

In this episode Frans Uyterlinde helps out a couple that is looking for an industrial look for their 30ties living room where the doors between the front and back room have been taken out. When it comes to industrial interiors Frans is considered to be the right stylist, he also did the final styling at my home once for a photo shoot for the magazine some years ago, lots of things have changed since then but I simply love his style.

Back to the apartment and the make over…. the long wall is plastered with a concrete look like we saw before in the vtwonen home at the vtwonen & design fair a few years ago, have a look at it if you missed it, you will love it Industrial loft + classic elements.  
The real eye-catcher is the wall divider and sliding door made out of steel and glass by Exclusive Steel I have been thinking of a sliding door made out of steel and glass for some years and should finally design them as they would fit my home and make my kitchen less cold in winter. 

Industrial dreamhomeOn the vtwonen site you will find a list with products used in this makeoverin case you see something you like on the pictures above. In the same show chief-editor Carlein Kieboom shows a real dream home where you will find a beautiful use of steel doors, the build in bookcase is just beautiful and I love the combination of the doors made out of steel and glass in the brick walls, I found a few images to show.

Give your home an industrial look with this DIY
If you have been dreaming about an industrial wall divider but simply aren’t able to install one in your home or maybe just can’t afford the real thing, then maybe this DIY will help you to make your own!

Juliana of Decouvrir design explains on her blog how she made a wall with cell blocks and charcoal grey painted wood. I think the result is really nice, especially if you see the before pictures …. curious to see how she did it, discover more on Decouvrir design

pictures 1-7 via vtwonen | 8-10 Decouvrir design