Dutch design | Qliv furniture makers

At the ‘Relationship of Parts‘ with Flos event last year I spotted the table above in the back of the Mobilia store, used in the kitchen area and covered with laptops and papers. It wasn’t officially released by then but it caught my eye because of the sturdy character. I kind of forgot about it till I saw the a catalogus with the picture on the cover and thought I should show you more of Qliv, this new Dutch brand.

Side-to-Side, which is the name of the table can be customized with a tabletop of different dimensions, different woods, and with a single or double plank configuration. The metal frame can be ordered in the color of your choice and even modify its position, I like it best in black though. Below two other tables designed by Qliv, visit their website for more information.

The artwork in the picture above is made by Amsterdam artist Laura de Wilde.
Photography Jose Manual Alorda | Styling Monique Verwer