Icelandic design | New ceramics by Postulina

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Reykjavik where I will visit DesignMarch, the annual Icelandic fashion and design festival. The design fun already started at the airport with a small Pop-up event with different designers, and my eye immediately spotted some black candle holders. No surprise they were from Postulína, who I also met last year, which you can see here 

They told me the shape of the candle holders is inspired by the mountain in the first picture, these mountains and the elements of winter, especially the cold and stillness of the season, inspire Postulina. 
Plates from their collection represent all colours we can find in the picture and in Icelandic nature. Some necklaces they presented at the airport were part of an installation called Snowfall from 2014 where they installed 1000 pieces of handcrafted porcelain “snowflakes” in the exhibition space. How do you like their work?

This year they will have another presentation, that I will visit later this week, presenting a new line of flower vases called 9 that evoke images of orbs and are inspired by the ideas that have been put forward by scientists regarding the ninth planet in the solar system.  Keep an eye on my Instagram account this week where I will be adding more pics of #DesignMarch and Iceland this week.

 pictures via Postulina | #2 by Vosgesparis

DesignMarch 2016 festival
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