March 8, 2016

A converted factory in Germany makes a beautiful family home

It was really hard to make a selection of the pictures I got sent by Petra after posting about her photography work some time ago: Wertvoll Photography | love for travel, nature and design. I got to see a sneak peek about it and from seeing one picture I could already see this home in an old refurbished factory was even more amazing then her former home I showed on the blog: An industrial home with authentic details in Kempten Bavaria enjoy the pictures and in case you would like to know more about the family who lives and work in this home have a look at their website: Wertvoll photography

pictures ©wertvoll photografie please do not use without permission


Petra Reger said...

Thank you so much for your feature!

G-STYLE said...

Oohh ik moet hier wel even reageren, prachtige reportage !!

Ik geniet nog altijd van je blog, al vanaf de picasa tijd volg ik je
en heb ik mee gekregen hoe je stijl veranderd is ...erg leuk !

Hartelijke groet Gea

Millie Simon said...

This is such a beautiful home, and one this is one of the main reasons why I love interior design, because you can easily transform an entire area without anyone knowing what it previously was x

Millie x

Anu said...

Oh, this is such an inspiring space - something different than seen everywhere, so much nice details, ideas and styling inspiration here. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed it much!

Barbara Liger said...

What a beautiful all the details and the veranda is just a dream.
Thanks for sharing :-)

Lilly Collins said...

Amazing pictures. Making something beautiful out of nowhere is what makes such incredible results. Thank you for sharing!

Sam Clean