Icelandic design | Design by the sea at Museumspace Seltjarnarnes

One of my favourites exhibitions visited during DesignMarch was held at Museumspace Seltjarnarnes where several designers showcased their work in a raw and industrial space near the seaside… a combination of concrete and nature and where sea and snow formed a beautiful backdrop for every piece.

We visited the exhibition on our way to the Blue Lagoon, I was so happy I joined this trip as I loved the exhibition, the beach and off course going back to the Blue Lagoon itself. During a busstrip with the DesignMarch team you never know where you end up, see last years trip hereI loved how Sari brought us to 
Seltjarnarnes showing us the beach which was really beautiful but extremely cold at the same time, and the exhibition off which I am showing some of my favourites in this blogpost. Scroll down to see more DesignMarch links and posts.

The City and the forest
‘The City and the Forest’ is a series of exhibitions and workshops promoting environmental protection and eco-friendly. The aim of the project is to draw attention to the animals living in the cities, such as birds, insects and mammals. The invited designers from Poland created different nesting boxes for animals. More information and pictures of this project can be found at Wilk

HANNA Felting fashion & textile designer

Hanna Felting is an Icelandic fashion and textile designer living in the Netherlands, and it was great to have a little chat in Dutch together about her work. She is a supporter of Slow Fashion and the use of local raw natural fabrics innovatively in design. The freshness and quality of each HANNA felting item is derived from the unique way of processing Icelandic wool, fish leather and organic cotton as well as the upcycling of textile remnants.

At the Museumspace different work in bright yet muted colours were displayed on the walls and special floating textile objects were hanging from the ceiling. See more of Hanna’s work here at her website.

Loved the textile hanging from the ceiling by Gerda Þorgerður Hlöðversdóttir 

Dagný is an icelandic designer at DLD Da
gný land design. At the Museum space she showed a few benches that I really loved. While the bench above above is made out of horizontal slices of wood out of one tree, the benches below are made with vertical slices in different shapes… at the exhibition a few benches were placed one after another … if you look close you can see the pattern continuing outside

pictures ©vosgesparis

DesignMarch 2016 festival

This week it’s all about Icelandic designers and design discovered at this years DesignMarch. Check out more coverage of DesignMarch 2016//2015 via #DesignMarch or have a look at my DesignMarch Pinterest album.

Icelandic design | New ceramics by Postulina
HROSS | Icelandic horses photography book
DesignMarch 2016 festival | Spark design space
Icelandic design | Reykjavik School of Visual Arts  X Aurum
Icelandic design | Design by the sea at Museumspace Seltjarnarnes
NORR11 Reykjavik interiors store & new collection
Icelandic design | Black clay & molten lava candleholders