NORM Architects for Ex.t

I didn’t get the chance to go see the new collection by Norm Architects for Italian Ex.t in Milan as I had to make some real choices on my last day, a day that was more or less dedicated to all the exhibitions that were a bit further from where we stayed and out of Brera where we hung out a lot. I found some great pictures though to show you the second collection Norm Architects designed for Ex.t featuring the ‘Frame’ Console and a DayBed. 

I love this kind of design that I would best describe as soft industrial. The use of the small metal tubes remind me of the table I have at home and really like see it here | New pictures from my home | Norm Architects have always adored cool and unpretentious bathroom consoles featuring brass pipes and a metal basin with a slab of marble which was their inspiration to design this minimalist version of a structural wall mounted bathroom console system. 

Daybed ‘Rest’
As bathrooms tend to become bigger and more like leisure rooms, Norm Architects wanted to create other types of furniture for this ‘new’ space that could be used in the bathroom and beyond, like chairs a pouf and a daybed. 

Norm Architects: “Working as architects we constantly have been asked to specify products for the bathroom, both in private houses and in commercial interiors. Over the past years there has been an increasing focus on the bathroom as a personal living space.

They have become bigger and people want to use them not only for hygiene matters. This feeling started with luxury hotels where bathrooms are often included in the bedroom, featuring a decorative continuum with the rest of the furnishing and the architecture. We really believe that there is a need in the market for this kind of products, thus the collaboration with Ex.t, which addresses this market directly, it’s the perfect match”

pictures via Ex.t