A simple DIY idea to add some beige to your workspace

You really loved last last weeks post showing the South African beach houseI have been looking at the first picture for some time and have to say that probably the beautiful wooden fireplace and other natural pieces in the overall white room must have caught my eye in the first place when selecting this home for the blog.

It’s that little beige again as I was talking about in this post The new beige | natural materials and cereal colours some weeks ago where I showed natural materials and fibres such as raffia, hemp and linen. If you love to add some beige to your black and white interior in a more contemporary look, here is an easy DIY idea I collected from the creative space of Emmy.

Living in a real small apartment she has a tiny work desk with some picture ledges like I use in my own office space at home and lots of personal pictures. To add some natural colours to her home she easily painted a piece of linen used by painters, but ofcourse you could also use a piece of thick paper in her Instagram you can see how she often changes this corner with a self made artwork.

 via IKEA Livet Hem