The new beige | natural materials and cereal colours

If you read my blog lately you might have noticed I added more black to my home, and I shared some pictures in this living room update Good things come to those who waitI also made some changes to my kitchen where I added a new metal table I designed and got made by a blacksmith. All new dark additions but with the overall white walls and a soft grey floor my home can get away with these big amounts of black. 

I love a kind of gallery look with lots of space around things, and collections and favourite books displayed on tables, did you know that showing pictures of these still life’s was the reason for starting this blog? I have always changed my room for Summer by adding more wood, mainly frames turned the other way around, fitting perfectly the gallery look I love, although it seems I showed you many times yet you might want to have a look here: Easy decorating for your living room to see what I mean. 

Rhodos hotel
French connection
Nani Marquina (styling by me)

This summer will be different as I will finally finish my patio and that might change the light and feeling in my living, let’s hope we will get some real Summer weather as well! At the moment I am looking into pots and plants for the outdoors but also for my living, plants are an easy way to soften the black.

In my search for natural materials and cereal colours I came across different brown and beige tones, leather, fibres such as raffia, hemp and linen and beautiful crafted lampshades next to cushions and carpets in beautiful beige. I think the Viktigt collection by IKEA is already a great example where these materials are used but there are many more stores where to shop for these products. How do you like these materials for your home?