Sea urchins X Airplants at Hutspot Utrecht

You loved the picture I made at Hutspot Utrecht and posted on my Instagram  yesterday so I thought it was a good idea to show it on the blog as well. I have always loved sea urchins, except for the spiky black pins of course, and remember when in Sardinia to collect them and how they looked beautiful in our courtyard. I think they look pretty cool with the air-plants creating one big jellyfish family hanging from the ceiling. 

In the wild the airplants or tillandsia hangs in long veils from tree branches in areas of high humidity from. The plant is an epiphyte, which means it lives on the trees without drawing nutrients from them but you can also find them on rocks. They are really easy to take care off, just mist twice a week. Available at Hutspot and made by De Tuin van Judith

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picture © vosgesparis