Nonostante Marras concept store | Fuorisalone 2017

I kept this store a bit as a secret for myself and have to admit that beside a picture in an editorial I made together with a friend and some photo’s on Instagram I have never posted any of last years pictures, it was an exhibition that made me cry, as it felt so close to everything I love. And I made so many pictures that is was almost impossible to sort them out… I will some day. This year this won’t happen though and I love to show you the pictures I made in the showroom, the basement and the temporary restaurant last month at Nonostante Marras.

Antonio Marras is a fashion designer from Alghero, Sardinia and in his store you will find a mix of fashion, art and design and for Milan Design week and the Furorisalone also this year some special theme’s ‘Mi illumino d’immenso’ and ‘Facciamo il punto’ next to special guests showcasing their design pieces and a temporary, and once more amazingly decorated,  restaurant.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures in this long post. At the site you will find amore about the exhibition in Italian, and for those who prefer English Domusweb published a good explanation of this years concept.

pictures ©

These pictures were made during Milan design week 2017, find all my posts on the blog under ‘Milan design week’ and have a look at this Milan design week Pinterest album