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I have always loved a few small wooden items on display to bring in some softness, a small brush, a bamboo cup or like I used to use a lot some years ago canvas frames that I turned around like in this old post Easy decoration for your living | my home.

Although I am more into a darker pallet at the moment, I kind of miss the light and my cupboards along the wall as they were such an amazing backdrop for different styling fun. I packed up the dark wooden floor this week as I have to clean and prepare the rooms for it properly… and oh my…as happy as I was with the dark wooden floors as happy as I am to see back the light and soft grey floors, although I have to admit the difference in quality is huge and my dark floor is way better quality and of course it is real wood and has a different feel and sound.

The story of my life
Been torn between dark and light is the story of my life I guess!
I did learn something though during the process… The dark floors are way more alive and stylish and I think after some proper laying with bright walls and decluttering even more they will look beautiful and stylish.

A lounge sofa in a light coloured fabric will look better with the dark floor then the black one I have at the moment, have a look here to see what I mean: MASTERPLAN 2.0 | A personal storyMcute bronze table from Pols Potten looks way more special on a dark wooden floor as well. 

After picking up the floor I build a five meter something side board out of the planks, and the wood looks amazing stacked on each other. It will give me the possibility to find out how it looks and feel to have a sideboard along the nearly six meter wall in my living, something I have been thinking of for a long time.   

I might make a combination of wood and concrete, or change function of some of the rooms in my home to be able to also work with a light floor, or maybe I will just leave it like this for some time. Like always changing and decorating my home is an ongoing process and I must admit I love this atelier kind of look where I am in the middle of a process and let’s face it a home all ready and finished is quite boring for interior freaks like us isn’t it.

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