On the other side | New work by WDSTCK

Excited to be able to show you the work of Miriam Knibbelar for Wdstck I earlier saw when I visited their new Showroom and workspace, if you have missed my post about it please have a look at the pictures I made that day, you will love them! House of Wdstck | New showroom and workspace

The work of Mirjam is made out of different material wit a wax layer…something I did not realize when noticing the moose from a distance. It felt so real I didn’t want to approach it at first, so soulless and vulnerable I thought it was a taxidermic baby moose. In her work Mirjam explores the area between insanity and emotion, commonality and mystery. Through her images she highlights the unimaginable, questioning the mystery of life and death.

Wdstck: ‘What if a majestic moose lays in total surrender, with its head hanging heavy and low? What makes some of us want to conquer and others want to admire?’ We are proud to present our latest piece that arose from these questions.‘On the other side’ (OTOS) is a co-creation with Miriam Knibbeler, an upcoming Dutch artist. This summer, Miriams work is exhibited in several museums in the Netherlands.

Exhale light
Also new is the Exhale light that after careful sourcing and experimenting now is blown in crystal glass. The profound clarity of the glass emphasizes the tense play between the materials. On the picture above the result and final product, below some images I made during the experimenting process.

pictures ©vosgesparis | picture 3 & 4 by wdstck