A Belgian furniture makers collective |vormen|

When it comes to choosing furniture, material is one of the first things that have to really appeal to me, concrete steel, leather and wood will always win over plastic surfaces, although I do appreciate a strong form in plastic, it is just not something I would buy personally. Next to material, the shape of things is most definitely important for me. It was the little detail pictured in the table base that caught my eye in one of the pictures by ‘Vormen’ in the first place, and I have to admit I love spaces like pictured above and how furniture stands out when photographed like that.

|vormen| is a young Belgian furniture makers collective with a passion for design and craftsmanship. In a design world that is strongly focused on design houses and names the collective of young designers, who all come from different disciplines chooses to communicate as |Vormen| Dutch for objects. 

Design objects are formed at the intersection of idea and matter, with respect for their specific strengths and origins resulting in a small collection of different tables, chairs, a bed and lamps. Lamps look stripped of the non-essential. The form follows the idea: sober, minimalistic and skeletal, which I think is to be found in most of their objects. Find out more at the |vormen| website.

pictures courtesy |vormen|