Autumn cooking & spices | w/ Style

Mid October already and we still have lots of sunny days here in Holland, something that makes me really happy. Although out of all seasons I love Summer most, also this moment between Summer and Autumn has its charm. With interior fairs coming up, new collections and feeling creative and full of energy after a beautiful Summer it is time to do more indoors again and prepare and restyle my home for winter.

Fall also means a change of what we eat, don’t you think? While on warm days I love to wok a quick meal with fresh herbs, mushrooms and lemon grass, in Autumn I love to take some more time to prepare a meal. I can really enjoy a big pan of pumpkin soup, and the smell of fresh bread and potatoes out of the oven this time of the year. I also tend to use different herbs, during Summer fresh mint and basil are favourite, at the end of the year I use more dried herbs like thyme and oregano.

bulthaup spice jars
With my kitchen undergoing a small update I loved to try out the different bulthaup accessories we got to style and photograph, just like we did with the bulthaup Solitaire. When it comes to storing spices bulthaup offers a set of six small glass jars. I personally do not have a really big counter top and love to keep it a bit organised and have enough working space. Therefor I store a lot of my daily cooking necessities in the drawers under my cooker including my spices.

Through their shape the spice jars are easy to store in the drawer under your cooker if you do not have a place to display your everyday cooking necessities like me. If you are the lucky owner of a bulthaup kitchen you can use the functional Prisms to custom-equip drawers and structure your drawer with the freely movable dividers according to your preferences, the spice jars will fit perfectly. 

 This post is written in collaboration with bulthaup Nederland
Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal
Pictures © w/ Style