Living in a gallery called home

The other day I read an article on Nya Rum on how the border between homes, jobs and public places has been blurred nowadays: “Restaurants feel like the kitchen at home and the living room is filled in like a gallery of paintings and sculptures” I couldn’t agree more as also at home I am constantly looking on how to expose the items I love most, including adding a bit of drama which I love. 

A recent example might be the iron frame that ended up in my bedroom carrying just a candle and an object. As you can see on the picture the frame was just there to show the newly painted wall, as I really loved it I kept it and later added some objects.

I believe our new way of decorating has to do with our longings for a more structural and calm environment at home, a kind of back to base with fewer but carefully selected items. Not only in my own life but also around me I see people declutter their homes and I think when not surrounded by tons of junk and clutter every single piece you do keep is more important, and some deserve to be literally put on a pedestal. I even think those are the items that really show who you are. 

Side tables have always been the place where we add a few selected objects and at home, I have a small one in my living. And as said I 
really think the things we love to put in the picture are the items that really show who we are at that moment. 

I remember a few years back having an old bistro table I found on the street, in front of  the opposite concrete wall that was filled with zinc objects as I was totally into them at that moment in life, even my blog had the subtitle ‘A story in concrete and zinc’ If you remember this you have come a long way with me through different phases of decorating, and believe me ‘minimalism’ was not always in my vocabulaire! I don’t regret having sold the table and most of the zinc, okay maybe only that one part of a French rooftop!

Anyway what I am trying to say is that nowadays I am happy with this really slim table and the only object it carries, which is just a candle display by Ester & Erik.

This is my bedroom and living but I do know this is not the only side to me, I was actually having a conversation about this the other day with an interior designer and friend of mine, that sometimes we feel to be thorn into different directions. Don’t get me wrong I do love a minimalistic approach at home, but as for the kitchen I do love a more messy feeling of family dinners and long talks and I am gonna try and put this feeling to life this coming winter and find a balance between minimalism and my semi Italian roots.

I have been writing different posts about displaying your items on pedestals among others. Matti Carlson’s pedestals as pictured above are made in concrete and mdf and show just a few items in a reddish colour that, while I was looking for a nice chocolate brown, can be seen in most fashion stores at the moment.

Pedestals have become an object in itself and I love it, maybe mostly because of it clean lines, I tend to love straight lines, clear details and a minimalistic approach to things. A pedestal can be used as you prefer and wherever, the possibilities but also the material made off are endless I’d say. 

Below a picture made by Wen, my partner in crime at w/ Style from my stand for imm where I used small wooden pedestals by Janua. More about them here: Stefan Knopp edition for JANUA | imm favourite and more about Matti Carlson’s work here 

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Pictures & styling vosgesparis | Third picture by Andy Liffner

Last picture by BeeldSteil – styling by me for imm