Faye Toogood Bird Cage at Oliver Gustav

I don’t know about you but I love the work of British designer Faye Toogood Faye works within the fields of interiors, retail design, architecture, fashion and furniture. I bet that even if you don’t know her work very well, you must have come across one of her most iconic pieces: the fiberglass Roly Poly table and chair.

Many of her work is somewhat sculptural, something I really love, and if i remember well the chair was the first work I saw too. I photographed a stunning pink version at Oliver Gustav last year: Oliver Gustav studio visit in Copenhagen


There is a lot more to discover within her world and I found this beautiful cabinet during a trip last month when I got the opportunity to bring a quick visit at the store. A dressing table made from enclosed steel mesh with three pivoting mirrors backed in iridescent glass, and an oil-finish steel tabletop.








pictures ©vosgesparis | first picture Oliver Gustav