un:divided – exploring the relationship between form and material

un:divided: New York exhibition by Fino Prydz
In case you are in the New York area I have something really nice to share with you today! 
I want to tell you about the first exhibition in the US by one of my online friends who lives in New York. If you visit my blog because you share the same taste and love for things like me, you have to have a look at his work, and if you ar lucky the exhibition of Fino Prydz. You might have spotted his artwork at my home: Choosing art and a bedroom update 

Showcasing his work for the first time in the US, Prydz will present seven new paintings made specifically for this exhibition. Inscribed with his minimalist vocabulary and abstracted forms, Prydz’s paintings display a sensibility towards color and a subdued palette is used to focus on the natural materials such as lime, plaster and graphite. Together they lay the foundation for an exploration of the relationship between form and material.


Prydz arrived at the title of the show, un:divided, because its syntax echoes his process of splitting up forms and reconnecting them through mark making and compositional tension. He uses these formalist tools to investigate the themes of nostalgia and transience. 

The forms are derived from memory and visual observations of dimensional space, outlines and shadows. He is recreating textures of his youth; school yards, local architecture and sites visited while living in Scandinavia, contrasting the urban textures of his adopted New York: asphalt, concrete and metal.

Victori + Mo Contemporary Gallery 242 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011