Pietro Franceschini first furniture collection | Olympus

Pietro Franceschini furniture collection Olympus
Bling Bling Ottoman // Photography Angela Simi
Pietro Franceschini is an architect and designer based in New York and Florence. He was educated in Italy, Portugal and United States and after receiving his B.Arch cum laude from Università degli Studi di Firenze and his M.S.Arch with 1st class honour from Pratt Institute. He worked as an architect until a year ago when he started a new project: PF | STUDIO, an interior and furniture design practice. 

Graphics and visualization are an important tool in his design process, something which we can see back in his first furniture collection called ‘Olympus Series’ I am so happy to be able to show some of his work on Vosgesparis today. The presentation of the different pieces are minimalistic, sophisticated and raw at the same time and beautiful captured at Numeroventi the contemporary renaissance residence in Firenze I wrote about earlier.

Olympus Series
Neoteny is the condition in which an organism reaches maturity without loosing all of its juvenile characteristics. An exhibit at A/D/O in Brooklyn about the possibility of a ‘Neotenic Design‘ has been the starting point for a deep research in terms of language and materiality, leading to Pietro’s first furniture collection: Olympus. It is a diverse and experimental body of works. Classical and majestic meet young and playful. 
Pietro Franceschini furniture collection on vosgesparis.com
Bling Bling Ottoman // Photography Daniel Civetta
Pietro Franceschini furniture collection on vosgesparis.com
Golden Arch Console // Photography Angela Simi
As a brass lover I am really impressed by the Golden Arch Console captures on the stairs at Numeroventi, a real statement piece!


Pietro Franceschini furniture collection on vosgesparis.com

Golden arch Console in Brass // photography Nuri Rashid

Gamma M02 stool as featured in the catalog


Nero Carrara marble is another favourite material of mine, pictured above the Gamma M02 stool, I love the almost Japanese look of it while still being really sculptural. View from another side in the picture below, a 3D render by Enrico Capanni, showing a pretty amazing world with the sculptural furniture pieces. In the back of the image, a stool of the 3 different stools from the Cha Cha Cha collection.
 3D render by Enrico Capanni 

Pictures kindly provided by Pietro Franceschini