Milano Design city 2020 | 170 locations including Rossana Orlandi

To be honest it still hurts a bit Milan Design week was cancelled, the most beautiful and exciting week of the year, where everyone can explore the most hidden corners of Milan and almost everyone working in the world of design travels to the city including myself in the last decades. Many companies have taken the opportunity to rethink their communication on digital channels.

Furorisalone launched the new Fuorisalone Digital platform and you might remember I collaborated with DDN to showcase some of the best Italian brands on the blog during our digital Salone del Mobile Special: Meet Italian brands online in our Salone del Mobile Special What happens digital could not fully replace what traditionally happens in Milan during Design Week, and I really hope we can visit again next year or the year after…


Milan design city 2020



Milan and Fuorisalone however are very much alive in the next weeks with Milano Design City and 2 weeks of events in showrooms and in other locations in Milan.  The event will take place from September 28th to October 10th with different events in showrooms and other design venues. Milano Design City will be an event dedicated to the culture of design and innovation, with particular attention to the re-design of urban spaces, sustainability and circular economy. Make sure to visit the antoniolupi showroom to see the latest design I wrote about in my last post with your own eyes. For us at home there will be lots to read and follow online.


At Rossana Orlandi  Faina design will be presenting their latest design the ‘Soniah’ floor lamp. Soniah in Ukrainian means the flower of the sun. “From ancient times, the Sun was a powerful symbol worshipped by different cultures. Trypillians, the mother civilization of Ukrainians, in their beliefs connected the structure of the Universe with the flow of time — Sun’s endless motion. The Sun gave life and embodied life. “Live design, like all live, is impossible without the Sun. Growing up from the earth, Soniah is a live creature which brings solar energy to a home.” explains Faina.

Carefully sculptured by hand, the laconic design of the lamp acquires haptic qualities of live material ‘ztista’ — a unique invention of Faina. Nature-friendly material is a blend of clay, wood chips, straw, linen, recycled paper. It takes 5 years to decompose it in soil.