A collection of furniture and interior objects by Dinesen

Dinesen collection

Let’s stay in Copenhagen after yesterday’s post about Apotek 57, the new eatery inside the Frama studio store, which is most of the times one of my first stops when visiting Copenhagen. During 3 days of design I always enjoy visiting the different showrooms and exhibitions including Dinesen. Dinesen recently  launched a collection of eight products. With the furniture and interior objects, Dinesen strives to activate our senses and promote the appreciation of wood as a sustainable natural material.

What caught my eye was the table with the ‘floating tabletop. When looking at design it are those little details which makes me like a piece of furniture over another. The DS001 Table is a centrepiece in the Dinesen Collection,  the table comes in three lengths with a minimum of 220 and can be combined with a matching bench. The whole collection can be seen at Dinesen.

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