Art in Return | A wonderful concept by Annemieke van Beek


With her exceptional work and three dimensional paintings Annemieke van Beek moves exactly within my favourite colour spectrum. In her work we see whites and beautiful sandy colours change into browns to deep and matte black. Art in Return is the art platform of Annemieke van Beek, a Dutch artist I follow for quite some time. I first saw her work online and it was featured in a blog I wrote about Republiek Bloemendaal, a restaurant at the Dutch seaside: Republiek Bloemendaal | Wabi Sabi style at the beach one of the many places we now can see her work.

After reading an interview in the latest Jan Living magazine with Annemieke, I decided to get in touch and ask her for some images of her work and studio. In the interview, Annemieke van Beek explains how she worked for 25 years in fashion as creative director for several international fashion brands. Her endless love for art and creating though inspired her to change her career and start Art in Return. An art platform which as she says will hopefully grow with new participating artists and Maison54, her design studio for creative strategy advice.

Her work is graphic, minimalistic, rustic and she is always playing with light. What is really special though of Art in Return is that the Art is not for sale but only in exchange for a product or service. And believe me I have been thinking a lot on what I could offer in return, I think the art and the concept are really special and I would love to introduce this Dutch artist here on the blog.
Art in Return

Art in Return
After making numerous small three dimensional art works, based on the earth and the moon, a friend asked her to create something larger for her restaurant. Annemieke saw it as a favour to friends, but her friend insisted on something in return and offered her to come and celebrate her birthday in her restaurant. A great concept Annemieke called Art in Return, which became a huge succes.

Nowadays the artworks are divided into 5 categories to help with the value of the gift in return and next week a new ceramic collection will be launched together with Studio Yen and Byjoa. To fund the development and production of these ART IN RETURN vases a limited edition artworks will be sold via Studio Yen on the 10th of September… I can’t wait to explore and show you more!

Art in Return



art in return


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