The Popularity of Brass in Interior Design

I think the first time I really fell in love with brass was during Milan design week a few years ago when seeing the work of Henry Wilson at the Aesop store. On the blog I have written a lot of articles about brass in interior design A populair post was my question if Brass shutters could be the next big thing You only have to search fro Brass and the most beautiful brass pieces I wrote about will pop up.


The Popularity of Brass in Interior Design

Brass has a rich history of popularity within interior design, spanning various eras. The Victorian era, in particular, showcased its allure due to its opulent aesthetic. Furthermore, brass experienced a resurgence during the mid-20th century. In today’s design landscape, brass is experiencing a renewed vogue, emerging as a versatile and chic choice for interior elements. This resurgence can be attributed to evolving home décor trends and a growing fondness for the inclusion of warm, metallic embellishments in contemporary interiors.



The thing I love most about brass is its ability to infuse spaces with both warmth and elegance. At home I have used brass in my kitchen. Both the handles from my Reform kitchen and the 3 meter light above the countertop by Anour are made out of brass. In this post where I showed a few new images of my kitchen you can see both handles and the lamp: New images from my kitchen  Brass may develop a natural patina over time, which I really love, but some others will prefer to maintain its polished sheen.


PUTRELLINO table by Dimore

In 2006 Dimore brought out 2 pieces in brass that caught my attention when scrolling through Instagram. The Putrellino table composed of two C-shaped elements in polished oxidised brass, is a versatile piece of furniture that seamlessly combines functionality with artistic design. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, it showcases the brand’s commitment to creating unique and innovative home decor. I visit Dimore studio each year during Milan Design week and they never disappoint me. Sadly this year we went to see the new Dimore gallery on a rainy day and could not see everything outside as it was all covered with plastic.

The table takes its inspiration from industrial aesthetics, featuring a sleek and minimalist framework serving as a multi-purpose element, designed to be used as both a low table and seating.


RIFLESSO wall lamp

This lighting fixture combines modern sophistication with a touch of vintage charm, creating a captivating visual experience. The soft, diffused light of the Riflesso wall lamp creates an intimate atmosphere, highlighting the intricate details of its surroundings. // Wall lamp in oxidized and polished brass. Light diffuser in opal perspex.


Images Dimore