Aesop & Rick Owens | Stoic candle and travel kit

  If you read my blog for some years you can’t have missed the blogs about Rick Owens and Aesop, both favorite brands of mine. A collaboration between Rick Owens ánd Aesop is kind of a match in heaven. To be honest also probably that one time I could purchase an interiors item designed by […]

Aesop opened their first location at Amsterdam

I plannend to show you some images made at the brand new Aesop Skincare store in Amsterdam for some days! It is actually the first Aesop store in the Netherlands and I am so happy Aesop choose the historical former Jamin candy store at Utrechtsestraat to be their location. Jamin used to be a really wel […]

A minimal Aesop store | Covent Garden London

I made it into my personal tradition to look for an Aesop store in every city that I visit, and so I did when visiting London last week! Over the years my love for Aesop has only grown, I have written about several of their stores and I use many of their products on a daily base.  […]