Finding a perfect ceramic Wabi Sabi pot in Paris

Of course visiting Paris is not complete without visiting Merci My first post about the shop goes back to 2010 and every time when being in Paris. I stop by for a visit and a lunch at one of my all time favourite stores. I always love to have a look at their collection, the […]

Fish & Fish by Paola Navone X Serax

Early 2015 Merci launched ‘Hareng’ a book written in collaboration with it’s artistic director Daniel Rozensztroch. He also unveiled his personal collection of herring ceramic containers from 1860 to the 1950’s. Just like Paola Navone, Daniel is a great collector of things. In a Merci pop-up store in Amsterdam we once could admire one of […]

Addiction X Obsession | Paola Navone & Daniel Rozensztroch

Dutch wallpaper company NLXL launched 2 new collections today in Milan “Addiction” by Paola Navone and “Obsession” by Daniel Rozensztroch, art director of Merci in Paris. The collection is based on Rozensztroch’s Obsession with collecting everyday objects and Navone’s Addiction to the color blue, especially a vibrant indigo shade. Rozensztroch has been obsessed for many years with everyday, […]

Copenhagen meets Merci

Copenhagen meets Merci As much as I love Merci teaming up with my favourite designer Paola Navone in Milan or Paris, I love to see the new exhibition TAK a day in Copenhagen showcasing a selection of 100% Denmark at the Parisian conceptstore Copenhagen definitely stole my heart when I first visited the town 2 […]

Paola Navone for Essent’ial | Merci Pop Up Store | Salone del Mobile 2014

When your favourite designer and your favourite store team up in Milano at the same time you are in town for milan designweek you might call yourself lucky. After meeting Paola Navone at a party in Paris some years ago, I seem to keep bumping into her whenever I am in Paris or Milan. It was a […]

Merci Conceptstore | Friends & Partytime

The ever changing themes at Merci make it always surprising and different when visiting. As I wrote in my last post I visited the annual party at night and it was a great occasion to meet up and have a drink with some friends 😉 But of course I had to have a look at […]

Next stop Paris | Matieres Premieres | Material Matters

Can’t wait to go back to Paris soon and wander through Le Marais…meeting new people and old friends, having dinner and coffee’s, getting inspired and party at MERCI for the opening of the new season. Matieres Premieres / Material Matters is the next exhibition and the theme of the party. Here is some more of […]

Hotel Droog at Merci | Voulez-vous coucher avec Droog

Do you know this DOH!! moments? I got one after coming back from Copenhagen! Checking my emails I found a 3 day old email from Droog Design | I participated in their online competition some time ago where you could win a night in the temporary one bed room Hotel in Merci! | And guess […]

MERCI MERCI | the online webshop

My all time favorite concept store Merci in Paris has opened their online web store. Of course nothing can beat a visit at the real store but it is so exciting to be able to stay updated with the shop online and I love how the website after all this years came to life. I am loving […]

Noël 2012 by Paola Navone {MERCI loves Monoprix}

Paola Navone recently designed a Christmas line for French magasin Monoprix. From November 14-17 there will be a preview in a special installation at MERCI in Paris. The line consists of affordable design by Paola Navone. If you love dots and a good dose of black, white and red this is the thing for you. […]

Generation Y

One thing I love about MERCI in Paris is the use of words on paper… Everything is always nicely presented on a kind of scribbling-pad (that’s how the online dictionary calls it) For the Y Design Theme, there was a huge one explaining the Y generation and their effect on today’s design. I brought one home and added it […]