Rick Owens store & Fashion designer Vibe Johansson | #Instalove

Another discovery through my Instagram account, Copenhagen based fashion designer Vibe Johansson designs geometric garments interacting seamlessly with our anatomy, pictured below, and follow Vibe here on Instagram. I love to follow some fashion brands and fashion bloggers on Instagram, something different from all the interior shots in my daily feed. Some feeds are real eye candy, mostly because they are […]

At home with Michael Verheyden | Limburg Design

“Passionate about rock music, but probably also inspired by silence” A beautiful quote I keep seeing when it comes to Michaël Verheyden and his work. Maybe it is the silence he loves, calmness is what I noticed last week when being invited at the home he and his wife Saartje Vereecke live and work. Having […]

Opposites attract | Black & white Summer items

With Summer approaching I often ask myself if I should add a tiny bit of colour, or some prints to my wardrobe, or just stick to my all time favourite black & white. Except for some ripped blue jeans, great with a simple white T-shirt, I have no colours at all in my wardrobe! That […]

Rick Owens Fashion store | Milan

I first came across Rick Owens some years ago, I loved the iconic design pieces presented at Maison et Objet, if you are not familiar with them,  have a look at this blogpost | Rick Owens in Paris | This year there was a small presentation of some of the new furniture pieces in Milan and […]

Dark Gothic & Raw | Rick Owens Paris apartment

Now this is something really different from the light and Scandinavian homes I love to show on the blog… This is a more dark, raw and industrial way of decorating. It is the home of designer Rick Owens. Whenever I am in Paris I try to visite the stand of Rick Owens at Maison et […]

Maison et Objet 2013 | Mixed Materials

Beautiful details and materials in the stand of all time favorite Rick Owens. Copper plates elegantly used with black iron cast tables. I love this dark and Gothic feeling of the furniture, the heavy iron bowls… I just want the whole set in the picture below.. New copper three-legged stool (there’s a matching pillow) I […]

Maison & Objet 2012 – An impression with Rick Owens

Rick Owens I was blown away by the dark mood at the stand of Rick Owens at Maison & Objet. After all the organic shapes, the natural material and the beautiful fabrics and lines I just admired.  As much as I am attracted to white, naturals and grays in all kind of shades. I do […]