Three favourite design lamps by Danish Anour

  Being a huge fan of Anour for years I was really happy to add one of their beautiful Divar lamps to my kitchen recently. Since then you probably have seen the three meter wall lamp in a beautiful browned brass several times pictured on my blog and Instagram. Anour is a well established design […]

New images from my kitchen & a lamp made by ANOUR

Although you already saw some pictures we made in my kitchen for some collaborations earlier. I made a few more to show you my latest treasure, the ‘Divar’ lamp from Anour. With a worktop extractor, which I would highly recommend in case you are building your kitchen, I had to think of how to illuminate the […]

A new showroom for Danish lighting brand Anour

In my previous post I wrote how I love brands create a space where work and showroom go hand in hand. Danish lighting brand Anour goes even a step further in their all new showroom where next to office and showroom even the production is under the same roof, giving the opportunity to visitors to […]

Ambient and soft light for the home | Donya by Anour

Really happy to be working together with Anour on a next project for my kitchen to perfect the lighting. As most lamps by Anour are handmade it will take some weeks before I can show you the result, but I know it will be worth the wait and look amazing! I have been following and […]

Three Pendant lightning solutions for the kitchen

While taking out floors and designing the ideas for my kitchen, should it be an IKEA method with the possibility to replace the doors in the future, or a kitchen designed by my local kitchen designer, I try to think ahead. And next to the major details I think about lamps and future styling ideas. […]

Kate wood and Kinfolk for Anour lighting

I previously showed the work of Anour on the blog: Industrial lamps by Anour and you might agree with me that heir lights have an industrial look in a kind of sophisticated way. Don’t you just really love it, I really like them and wouldn’t mind to illuminate my kitchen table with their work. Recently some new images […]

Industrial lamps by Anour

Continuing in the footsteps of Danish design traditions Anour, meaning light in Farsi, founder and Architect Arash Nourinejad realized his vision to create a lamp of uncompromising design with visionary functionality, made from the highest quality materials and with a focus on sustainability in design, production and technology. I was attracted to the simple design and […]