Behind the form | New works by Fino Prydz

  For those who follow for some years know that one of my most beloved artworks at home is made by Norwegian visual artist Fino Prydz. Inscribed with his minimalist vocabulary and abstracted forms, Prydz’s paintings display a sensibility towards colour and a subdued palette is used to focus on the natural materials such as lime, […]

un:divided – exploring the relationship between form and material

un:divided: New York exhibition by Fino Prydz In case you are in the New York area I have something really nice to share with you today!  I want to tell you about the first exhibition in the US by one of my online friends who lives in New York. If you visit my blog because […]

Choosing art and a bedroom update | My home

I must admit I am not really an art connaisseur and I never really search for the perfect wall decoration. Like with most things I listen to my feelings and just do or don’t like things, there is not something in between I guess, which is good as in that way only the things I […]

Minimal art by Fino Prydz

When I painted the wall of my bedroom the other week, I used a chalky grey lime paint, I love the matte look of the material and when I came across the account of Fino Prydz it was the soft grey in the pictures and paintings that caught my eye and made me fall in love with […]