A concrete home by architect Mao Shen Chiang

Considering himself an architect artist, Mao Shen Chiang never repeats any work. I previously showed the beautiful Taiwanese tea lab by his hand. Each building grows as an individualist, yet a common trait for his work is his love for concrete. As a concrete-connaisseur, he most often opts for exposed concrete as it embodies his […]

The new school residence

One of the best things of running vosgesparis for almost 15 years and launching the actual blog in march 2008 are the many beautiful people I connected with over the years. Some fellow bloggers from the first years have become friends in real life and others I lose out of sight for a few years […]

Vincenzo de Cotiis and The essence of time

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably have read earlier articles about the homes and work of Vincenzo de Cotiis. Have a look here to see a few articles I wrote before: Vincenzo de Cotiis. Today I love to show you more of Palazzo Digerini in Pietrasanta, Italy.   Childhood memories […]

Folding doors for a hidden cupboard at home

With a spacious coat rack corner of just over 1m2 that is actually only used for hanging a few coats. I’ve been thinking about a functional solution for this corner for some time now. Located between the front door and kitchen entry it could be the perfect spot for a small pantry. You’d say why […]

Camp Roig townhouse by Durietz Design

Over the last few months I have been following the renovation of a beautiful project in Mallorca by Durietz Design, called Camp Roig! I could not wait for the next update posted on Instagram by the lovely Josephine and Christoffer, owners of Durietz Design and really enjoyed not only the process but also the full […]

An all natural Zara Home collection

Looking back at the different styles I went through and covered on the blog, there has been things that never changed and I have always loved. The use of linen at home is certainly one of them, I have seen and used both whites and greys. And while covering lots of Paola Navone ghost sofa’s […]

A seaside home in 3d Render

A seaside house in 3d render

3d artist Olga Kozicka recently sent me some of her work of a light seaside home. 3d artist Olga Kozicka recently sent me some of her work of a light seaside home. All designed, modelled and textured by her. Seaside House is a modern, private house located in the Mediterranean Region. A seaside home Bright […]

Athena Calderone’s Hamptons Home

I previously showed Athena Calderone her Brooklyn home on the blog, and I think the home of her and her family in Amagansett (East Hamptons) is equally well renovated. With an impressive kitchen with Ikea kitchen cabinets and doors in an Ash grey finish, and a richly veined slab of Calacatta Monet marble on the […]

The Brooklyn townhouse of Athena Calderone

If you follow me on Instagram I am pretty sure you have seen me cooking pretty dishes with recipes from one of my latest purchases. ‘Cook Beautiful‘.  The book full of delicious recipes by Athena Calderone has been out for some time. It was only recently I made the connection with her blog ‘Eyeswoon’ Athena […]

A light home with a beautiful court

Suffering from a broken shoulder I am not updating the blog as much as I would like, let alone finishing the projects I am working on at home. Patience is what I need to practise over creativity in the coming weeks. Luckily some great things are on it’s way too. A new website is in […]

Minimal Azuba Residence Tokyo

Azuba Residence is the fourth case study project of Japanese furniture brand Karimoku Case Study and is conceived in close collaboration between Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design. The latest additions to the collection of fine wooden furniture pieces are created as part of this complete renovation project and have its native setting in a […]

A new kitchen by VIPP in dark oak and jura marble

If you follow me for some time you must have seen my trip to Copenhagen where we got to make some images and try out the first Vipp kitchen in both the amazing Loft in Copenhagen and the beautiful minimalistic getaway, the Vipp shelter in the woods of Sweden. Today Vipp unveils its second kitchen design named V2.  While the first kitchen […]