Artisans discovered in Paris

In Paris for the Trend lunch with imm, read the six trends here: six interior trends for imm cologne 2022 I also met my friend Elisabetta from Italianbark.  We travelled and worked several times together after meeting in Helsinki a few years ago: Hello from Helsinki design week After lunch we had a walk and a […]

New Works showroom for 3 days of design 2021

On the occasion of Denmark’s annual design event 3 days of design. New Works opened the doors to bright and airy premises with their exhibition ‘Tabulu’ created in collaboration with Lotta Agaton Interiors. A shift from shadowy, muted tones to a brighter palette marks new beginnings and lights up in the dark season ahead. Unfortunately […]

A Boutique guesthouse at the Algarve

guesthouse Casa Um at the Algarve

With Summer almost on its end here in Europe and the world opening up again. I am already making plans for my next Sunny destination. To be honest I really function at my best when I can be in the sun. Scrolling through different destinations, I came across The Addresses.  A unique collection of boutique […]

An intimate meeting with Ark and Friends

While looking at the work of different artists at the site of Ark and friends, I came across the exhibition “Ett intimt möte”, an intimate meeting, curated by Annaleenla Leino. An organic but at the same time modern initiative to invite and inspire the visitor of Valvet, where Ark and friends is located, to peel […]

Villa Massilia at the island of Bali

By some mentioned as an undiscovered Casa Cook in the centre of Seminyak at the island of Bali. Villa Massilia was created by Hong Kong-based couple Alissa and Ben. They fell in love with the organic style of the calming interior decorating in Tulum. The natural materials and colours that inspired them during their travels […]

A high end fashion boutique by Studio &Space

BYLOTTE recently opened their 350sqm high-end fashion boutique designed by Studio &Space. A beautiful project and unique retail environment that caught my eye earlier because of the unique display tables, designed by the Studio. The owner, Lotte, is an avid 1970s lover, which is reflected in the use of material and the selection of iconic […]

An earthy dream space by MNMA Studio | Dois Tropicos

What a space, after seeing the first pictures I fell in love with the earthy tones, the curves, the use of materials and the overall feeling of calmness. Designed by MNMA studio, Dois Tropicos is a beautiful wellness space : botanic store, yoga class and restaurant in Brazil. A contemporary element that, when opened, brings back […]

Styling with Coffee table books | New Mags online store

If, like me, you love to style corners in your home, a number of beautiful coffee table books cannot be missed. Some books here at home are favourites and are always on my small bronze table in the living room. They are the perfect basis for a number of objects that I like to look […]

BRUT Depot – A permanent exhibition and meeting space by Brut Collective

If you read my blog for some time and followed my Milan Design week treasures over the years, I am sure you came across BRUT, the Belgian collective of designers I wrote about earlier. It was always a bit of travelling in Milan to see their exhibitions as they were a bit further away from my […]

VENU | A lifestyle and work place for creatives and entrepreneurs

    Back in a semi quarantaine situation in Amsterdam since last week and with most of us working from home again, there is also some positive news to tell. For all you design enthusiasts looking for a place to work outside the home or organize an appointment on location, there isVenu.The super stylish Amsterdam-based […]

TERRA – A Residence for Grounding

During 3 Days of Design 2020 New Works presented Terra in their store, an example of a grounded residence and environment for living. In the last year our way of living changed, and our home has become more important than ever a space to both escape and connect – that provide solace yet socially stimulate. […]

Milano Design city 2020 | 170 locations including Rossana Orlandi

To be honest it still hurts a bit Milan Design week was cancelled, the most beautiful and exciting week of the year, where everyone can explore the most hidden corners of Milan and almost everyone working in the world of design travels to the city including myself in the last decades. Many companies have taken […]