WDSTCK Burned coffee table

When working on my kitchen I improvised for some time with my old kitchen table, a table that I bought when I was nineteen for the first ever home I shared with the father of my children. We had wooden floors sisal squared carpet and walls painted in pale pink and blue. I remember how […]

On the other side | New work by WDSTCK

Excited to be able to show you the work of Miriam Knibbelar for Wdstck I earlier saw when I visited their new Showroom and workspace, if you have missed my post about it please have a look at the pictures I made that day, you will love them! House of Wdstck | New showroom and workspace The […]

House of Wdstck | New showroom and workspace

Honoured to give you the first impression of the ‘House of Wdstck’, the new workspace and showroom by Dutch label Wdstck in Amsterdam. Last year I visited their showroom in the woods of Naarden, have a look here: A Limited series of burned by WDSTCK | Gallery visit and recently they moved to this beautiful building in […]


  Yet another great piece of art made by WDSTCK, the Burning Ego is made with an ancient woodworking technique from Japan that burns away the soft parts of the wood. The design of the lamp arose from a search for balance between the cultivated and the a-symmetric design of Mother Nature. By letting the […]

Mysterious chic interiors with AnoukB | WDSTCK

Altar table and Memento chair by WDSTCK This week it’s my friend Anouk’s birthday, and even though we don’t see each other that often she is there… surprising me time after time with the most beautiful interiors and brand shoots. She is a real hard worker and one of the most impressive creative minds I […]

SPRMRKT X WDSTCK | SPRMRKT concept store Amsterdam

When Nelleke Strijkers first entered the space she knew she had found the raw and unfinished area where she could do whatever she wanted. Her concept store SPRMRKT has a perfect raw and honest emotion that she is really comfortable with. At SPRMRKT you will find wearables, interior, exhibitions and more. It is one of the shops […]