Styling and clothes rack inspiration from the present and the past

Pictures from the Lighthouse apartment that was recently showed at Hitta Hem and styled by Marie Ramse for the open day went around on the internet. But what really caught my eye in the styling was the selfmade clothing rack Marie made out of ash board, four wheels copper pipes.

I have always loved clothes racks and still enjoying my self designed rack every day since I first got it made back in 2011. It was an inspiration source for others who started design their own, just like Marie got her inspiration from the original Platel storage unit, shown at the end of the post together with some stories from the past to inspire you for your own bedroom. 

The picture above is made last month by Anki from Zilverblauw for our Artifort collaboration, showing the ‘Perching’ stool in my bedroom. Back in 2011 my styling was different and I was kind of ‘obsessed’ with all things Parisian.

I still enjoy reading those old posts when I occasionally come across them.. hence my writing was really different and maybe more personal as well, what do you think? Our blogs seemed to be more alive by then but to be honest I still see Vosgesparis it as my online homebase. Back in 2011 Instagram was still small, I think it was online for maybe six months, people nowadays seem to be more spread over the different social media channels, I love to hear what you think! 

Here are some fun posts from the past when I got inspired by Paris and to design my own clothes rack and more styling idea’s with clothes racks I showed on the blog but you might have forgotten
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Platel storage unit

The clothes rack in the apartment is made for styling purposes and in case you love the idea of a platform and clothes rack in one as much as I do, have a look at the Platel storage unit by Swedish Note design Studio for Spanish Punt Mobles.

With Platel you can easily create more space and keep everything together and tidy in your hallway or bedroom, While adding objects, shoes and things you love to see in the in the spotlight by placing them on the platform.

photography Sara Medina Lind // 3 by  Zilverblauw // 6-7 Punt Mobles
Styling 1-2 Marie Ramse // 3 vosgesparis // 4-5 Pella Hedeby