A dreamy bed and bathroom | Bocci apartment visit

When seeing the picture above on Instagram, I had find out more about Bocci, and especially this apartment. Bocci is a design and manufacturing studio based in Vancouver, Canada. They have a fully furnished apartment in Milan and I was happy to visit when I was in Milan for  Milan Design week. During my design […]

This was Alcova 2024 | Villa Bagatti Valsecchi

Coming back with hundreds of pictures from Milan design week, including a folder full of pictures made at Alcova. Which is one of my most loved exhibitions over the last years when travelling to Milan during this week. I though I give you a last round up of a few designers I managed to capture […]

An industrial basement with Terraformae tiles at Alcova 2024

At the basement of villa Bagatti Valsecchi Terraformæ showed a project by Sant’Anselmo furnace, dedicated to experimentation, design, and research in the field of terracotta. It was a beautiful space with an old cooker and a great fireplace. Terraformae Terraformae is born as an extension of the historic Sant’Anselmo brickworks, world-renowned for the production of […]

Skarb by Victoria Yakusha at Alcova 2024

Previously I gave you a sneak peek into the beautiful Villa Borsani: A modernist masterpiece – Villa Borsani at Alcova 2024 one of the two villa’s of Alcova 2024. On walking distance at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, there was even more to see. Different floors filled with design and craft, beautiful staircases, kitchens and long concrete […]

Connection by Serafini & Galerie Philia | Milan Design week 2024

“CONNECTION” aspire to explore and celebrate the connections existing between people, nature, technology, and craftsmanship. In collaboration with Galerie Philia, Serafini present a solo show of Andres Monnier and an installation of Morghen Studio in their new gallery in the center of Milano at Corso Porta Romana 7. Serafini is internationally well-known for its marble […]

A modernist masterpiece – Villa Borsani at Alcova 2024

Previously in a former slaughterhouse during last year’s Salone and an abandoned military hospital in 2022 Alcova 2024 took place in two of the most extraordinary villas of the Milan metropolitan area: Villa Borsani and Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. Villa Borsani, completed in 1945, is a Modernist architectural masterpiece by Italian architect and furniture designer Osvaldo […]

Japanese hemp textile brand majotae | Milan Design week 2024

Japanese hemp textile brand majotae showed its first product line ‘majotae 9490’ at Milan Design Week 2024. I visited their installation at Berta, an elegant nineteenth-century palace with courtyards on Via Cesare Correnti. Not only the location but also the sneak peek into the archive of the brand made me want to find out more. […]

A new concrete tiles collection by Gypsum

When visiting Brera during Milan design week, Agape is always on my list of places to visit as the different collections are always spot on and especially the new tiled corners always catch my attention . On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023 Gypsum presented X and X, the new collection of three-dimensional concrete […]

Bringing Mediterranean Summer vibes indoors with these stylish brands

Summer is almost here and in anticipation of my own holidays I am enjoying the first vacation images of people I follow online. What caught my eye were the images with colourful and white boldly striped cushions, mattresses and Parasol like those used at the Cote d’Azur and Italian seaside villages for decades. When walking […]

Shaping atmospheres with Vibia lighting

When it comes to lighting, there are a number of factors that are important to me when choosing a lamp for my home. Like most of you, I am really visually orientated and because of that the shape is perhaps one of the most important reasons whether a lamp design attracts my attention at all […]

Gubi at I bagni Misteriosi | Milan Design week 2023

For Milan Design Week 2023, GUBI took over the city’s iconic Bagni Misteriosi to stage an immersive sensory spectacle. I am so glad I went to see, we looked around at the different corners and rooms staged with Gubi furniture. Admired the raw walls that gave a look into the faded history, had lunch while […]

Still Life exhibition | Milan Design week 2023

For Milan Design Week 2023, Gabriel Tan has curated an exhibition set in an authentic home of a Milanese couple in Porta Venezia. This intimate setting featured furniture by Ariake, handcrafted collectibles by Origin Made, bentwood lighting by Secto Design, Ethiopian-made rugs by Sera Helsinki, calm technology by mui, and a new headboard collaboration between […]