March 31, 2016

Inspiration for your home | Black walls

At home most of my walls are white or concrete and I get really happy seeing the small still life's I created throughout my home contrasting with them. Looking at this picture I have to say I also have a huge crush for black walls. I love the kind of dirty look on this wall, I guess it has been painted with blackboard paint. I am curious to discover if I can give my kitchen wall a new look some day soon with Bauwerk paint to create a beautiful faded and softer effect instead of the strong black I used.

Do you like black(board) walls? here are some posts I wrote before about black walls at home, hope you get inspired
A Chalkboard wall in the bedroom
picture via IKEA Livet hemma


Skorstenshuv said...

I believe that black walls looks amazing, but I would not like to live in a dark house))

Chelsey Thornton said...

I've always loved the idea of deep navy or black walls. People often mistake that black sucks the light away but it can really actually enlarge a room. Also love hoses painted a deep charcoal or black on the exterior.

Chelsey |

Millie Simon said...

Really loving this idea of having a blackboard as a wall x

Millie x

Lilly said...

I prefer brighter colors for my walls, but it may look interesting if only one of the walls is black.

Megan said...

Great! The walls in my bathroom are black and I love it!

Jessie Elliot said...

I am not so sure about having my walls painted in black. Maybe it would be way too much. It will suit my bathroom on the other hand. :)