Another Blogger challenge | Montana | Copenhagen

Montana has a beautiful showroom with concrete floors and an amazing view over the water. Although I am more into softer colours I really loved the cupboards in the many different colours and the Tivoli chairs that reminded me of my holidays in Italy.  Chairs in beautiful whites and greys, I loved the mini sized […]

Design Trade Copenhagen | Blogger team

Let me show some more pictures to give you an impression of our blogger tour through Copenhagen last week. It was a real threath and even more fun to discover some of my best blogger friends were taking part in the same tour. And for the few I didn’t know… I think it is amazing […]

VIPP Styling in Copenhagen | Blogger Competition

One of the best and also most interesting facts of DesignCPH blog tour were the workshops we did. Just to let you know.. we didn’t know anything what was planned on this tour. So every morning it was a surprise where we would end up that day. These are pictures from the VIPP Store. As […]

The Nordic way of dining | A private dinner with Nathalie Schwer

I am back from Copenhagen again. Allan from Bungalow5 and the new Copenhagen fair Design Trade organised a blog tour for a group of international bloggers. For three days we toured through Copenhagen and our days we’re filled from morning to evening. We had so much fun and learned so much from each other and all […]

Flip Around Table by Norm | Visiting Copenhagen

Reading some of the blogposts from last week in Berlin on Emma’s Designblogg I also read her post about the new Menu Concept store in Copenhagen |Designed by Norm Architects| I found this pictures from the Flip Around Table by Norm and really loved it. It’s a multifunctional table/stool, just look at the pictures and […]

Brooklyn | Blogtour NYC

Visiting Brooklyn during BlogtourNYC was one of the highlights of my week in New York. I just loved the atmosphere and still regret I did not stay longer and see some more… on the other hand NYC is not that far and I am sure I will be back one day! I found some last […]

BlogtourNYC | Day 4 | Brooklyn Bridge and a beautiful sunset

After our night off, a delicious dinner at Buddakan and a walk through town, we had a free morning and Ricarda, blogger at 23qm Stil, and I had our minds set on a healthy fruit breakfast and buying a mini IPad *Love it*. We walked a bit through Soho and walked towards Design NYC where we were meeting up with […]

Blogtour NYC | Day 3 | Business of Design and midnight walks

Studio of Vincente Wolf And day 3 it was…. I was just looking up the Modenus website to see the programm to remember what we all did on day 3 and the post opened with: Two full days and we’re still going strong? Absolutely! BlogTour can sleep once they’re on their planes home, in the […]

Black – copper & bronze | Blogtour Sponsor Barber & Wilsons | NKBA

During Blogtour we stayed at city boutique Hotel ‘On the Ave‘. I loved the hotel and had a wonderfull room with a huge bed on the 8th floor. I really enjoyed the bathroom, there was a huge bath! But I especially loved the stainless steal sink and shelves.Maybe because at home I have this boring […]

Blogtour Sponsor | Du verre Hardware

I like my kitchen to be a bit tough and industrial in combination with white cabinets. An industrial table with some shiny white tiles and something a bit different and unique like my big black metal star. After showing the latest kitchen and appliances from our Blogtour Sponsors and the beautiful grey velvet counter top in fellow […]

BlogTour NYC Sponsor | Jenn- Air

In one month we will have a new King in the Netherlands and the whole country will turn into Orange. Orange being the color and the last name of our Royal family! When visiting the exhibit of Luxury appliance maker Jenn-Air, who’s one our Blogtour sponsors, I thought about on how to write this blogpost and […]

Blogtour NYC | Day 2 | At the AD Home Design Show

Hope you enjoyed reading my former post about Day 1 and on what we did in New York during Blogtour! At day 2 we were up early already and after a good breakfast on our way to the AD Home Design show. Starting at ten with the annual Mary’s and Mimosas event where we met and mingled with […]