Spanish Design | Meeting Actiu in Valencia

I am looking back on one of my most sunny summers I experienced over the last few years… Back in the south of Europe for two weeks I realized how much I love and missed the sun! It was my first time in Spain and I enjoyed every minute of it, sending a big hug […]

Spanish design | Expormim rattan furniture

The good thing about our Spanish blogtour, not to mention it was one big great Sunny adventure! was that we did not only got to see showrooms of the brands that wanted to meet up with us, but many also gave us a look behind the scenes in their factories. By seeing the process before […]

TRAVEL | Meet Cosentino at Madrid restaurants DiverXO & Tatel

Two years ago I had an interview with Spain based fashion blogger Macarena Gea, one of Spain’s most influential bloggers on fashion and architecture, at that time she was the face of the Silestone by Cosentino campagne, a brand I met in New York by then. Last month we met up again, and this time in […]

A styling challenge with Nani Marquina | Spanish design

my styling using one of the nanaimarquina carpets and a few props A bike with a colourful pile of small carpets welcomed us at the doorstep of Nani Marquina, who welcomed us for breakfast in her showroom in Barcelona. Nani daughter of Rafael Marquina, one of the pioneers of Spanish design and the creator of the […]

Apparatu | Ceramic workshop

Earlier today, and in my first blogpost about Spanish design, I shared some pictures of the atelier of Xavier Mañosa and his family. I really loved this industrial building, the raw environment, the concrete and the different ceramic and made lots of pictures. I could share a few, but decided to just share them all.  Apparatu is a design studio, pottery workshop and […]

Reflections on light X Marset | Spanish design

On our first day in Spain we visited Apparatu… In a huge industrial building we were welcomed by Xavier Mañosa, in the atelier he works, together with his family, on several collections for different Spanish design companies and his own collection. He explained us the ceramic process of several lamps and I was especially interested in the process […]

Bloggers banquet | an evening with LZF

Last week I showed you the wonderful day we had at Gandia Blasco, truly one of the highlights of the tour for me, but then… my whole stay in Spain was wonderful, both with our bloggers team but also when I was on my own… Sitting in the garden of the Praktik Vinoteca, writing blogposts […]

LFZ lamps Factory tour | Spanish design

Before our wonderful night in the garden for the ‘bloggers banquet‘, LZF gave us a tour through their showroom and factory, an impressive building where the LZF collection is beautiful presented. Small figures out of the Funnyfarm collection standing next to several wood veneer lamps from small wall lamps like the Hi Collar lamp to spectacular large […]

Styling with Delica and a rooftop dinner

After two nights in Barcelona, we went to yök Casa + Cultura, where we spent the night and teamed up with Delica. Created in Bera -Navarre in 2005 as a company designing products for contemporary homes Delica won several awards over the last years. We had a wonderful dinner on the rooftop terrace where we were joined by […]

Gandia Blasco | Spanish Design

Where to start when it comes to one of the most amazing blogtour meetings ever… do you recognise this feeling of being somewhere so beautiful you can’t really describe the experience, nor the feeling and emotion that came with it…. not even a picture can show and tell how happy we were to be invited […]

BD Barcelona | Sunny design days X Blogtour Spain #1

Hello from Spain once more on this very sunny Sunday! I had some great days with our bloggerstour team in Spain on invitation of Red and it’s members. Red design is a non profit platform that promotes the values ​​of good design created in Spain through its brands and products. Busy days with lots of […]

TRAVEL | Madrid | Blogtour Spain

It has been a bit quiet on the blog this week and if you are following me on Instagram you might have seen I have been travelling through Spain. I was here on invitation of Red – Reunión Empresas de Diseño – who introduced us to 9 of the over 40 brands they work with. We […]