Three Pendant lightning solutions for the kitchen

While taking out floors and designing the ideas for my kitchen, should it be an IKEA method with the possibility to replace the doors in the future, or a kitchen designed by my local kitchen designer, I try to think ahead. And next to the major details I think about lamps and future styling ideas. […]

New kitchen inspiration | Masterplan 2.0

Last weekend I finally started working on some new plans for the home and my Masterplan 2.0! After some water damage I decided it was time to change the floors in some parts of my home. Something that is on my mind for a long time as you know if you come here regularly. Guess […]

A shopping guide for a minimalistic and multifunctional home

I guess I am not alone in my longing for a more minimalistic environment, I really can’t stand cupboards full of things that we might use one day or no longer care about, but like everyone else I possess a few too, with short breaks though I am thorough sorting out things for quite some […]

Living in a gallery called home

The other day I read an article on Nya Rum on how the border between homes, jobs and public places has been blurred nowadays: “Restaurants feel like the kitchen at home and the living room is filled in like a gallery of paintings and sculptures” I couldn’t agree more as also at home I am constantly looking […]

Choosing art and a bedroom update | My home

I must admit I am not really an art connaisseur and I never really search for the perfect wall decoration. Like with most things I listen to my feelings and just do or don’t like things, there is not something in between I guess, which is good as in that way only the things I […]

Bedlinen in different shades of grey from Couleur Conceptstore

Last week I gave you a sneak peek of my bedroom update, plastering ceilings throughout the house and getting rid of the ugly and old fashioned ceilings from the eighties was something that really made a difference. Painting the wall in a beautiful grey and updating the mattresses as I showed in this post last […]

A bedroom make over for Spring | My home

– For English scroll down -Als je mij volgt op Instagram, heb je misschien gezien dat ik thuis een kleine verbouwing heb gedaan. Ik heb eindelijk de plafonds gepleisterd en geverfd, iets wat ik al jaren wilde doen,  het verschil is enorm en ik ben erg blij met het resultaat. Het hele proces duurde wel […]

Ultra Black is the new Black | Philips 4k OLED Television

Hello from Sweden, where I am currently enjoying the amazing Vipp shelter, total silence, trees, stones, mos, a lake and a cozy fire burning all evening. In my previous post I mentioned we got a new television over Christmas, and did you noticed I painted a wall in my living deep black? I have to admit […]

Black walls and a fire place at home

I am still working on my masterplan 2.0, a lot slower than I thought it would go though but let’s face it, there aren’t just enough hours in a day right! I have nothing to complain work wise except for not getting any further with things at home as fast as I would like. Finishing […]

Ceramic crush and hallway inspiration from Ferm Living

When I was in Copenhagen recently I got the chance to visit the Ferm Living apartment just around the corner from my hotel. At the apartment Ferm Living presents it’s most iconic pieces and new collection in a real house setting which gives you instantly many ideas on how to use the different products at […]

Poster art by AURE Studio | My Home

When visiting the apartment of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen during 3 days of design, I met Johanne who is one of the designers of Aure Studio. I started following their work on Instagram and came across a series of posters based on her grandmother’s drawings from the fourties. I really loved the simple lines […]

A new update from my living | Lampe Gras N214 and a side board

I think choosing the right lamps for your home can be a real struggle, it is all about finding a balance between creating atmosphere and having enough light when you want to read or work. I am not a fan at all of bright illuminated rooms and actually just love to only illuminated the corners together with […]