Poster art by AURE Studio | My Home

When visiting the apartment of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen during 3 days of design, I met Johanne who is one of the designers of Aure Studio. I started following their work on Instagram and came across a series of posters based on her grandmother’s drawings from the fourties. I really loved the simple lines […]

A new update from my living | Lampe Gras N214 and a side board

I think choosing the right lamps for your home can be a real struggle, it is all about finding a balance between creating atmosphere and having enough light when you want to read or work. I am not a fan at all of bright illuminated rooms and actually just love to only illuminated the corners together with […]

Light X Dark The story of my life | Masterplan 2.0

I have always loved a few small wooden items on display to bring in some softness, a small brush, a bamboo cup or like I used to use a lot some years ago canvas frames that I turned around like in this old post Easy decoration for your living | my home. Although I am more […]

New wall art by Desenio and a 25% discount for you

If you read my blog for some time you might know I love to bring in and decorate my home with more natural colours for Summer, and especially with a darker floor I am looking for even more contrast then ever. Inspired by choosing softer colours for my home Desenio came in handy with its wide variety […]

Styling and clothes rack inspiration from the present and the past

Pictures from the Lighthouse apartment that was recently showed at Hitta Hem and styled by Marie Ramse for the open day went around on the internet. But what really caught my eye in the styling was the selfmade clothing rack Marie made out of ash board, four wheels copper pipes. I have always loved clothes […]

T-Fish rug collection by Caterina Frongia | Sardinian craft

The day I wrote a post about my connection with Sardinia and how I used the island as an inspiration for my stand at IMM: BAM Design and Carnival traditions from Sardinia | imm 2017 I received an email from a girl who moved to Amsterdam and as a long time reader of my blog was […]

MASTERPLAN 2.0 | A personal story

Those who read my blog for years might remember my definition of my so called Masterplan. You can read something more about it by clicking here, bare the pictures if you are clicking through to that post from 2010…. but it kind of explains how my mind works around things. Even though these old images make […]

Pedestals and new resolutions for the home

While at my stand at IMM I used the raw wooden cubes by Janua as pedestals, I am also kind of in love with the new and more shiny versions we see around next to the obvious white ones. While stores have always been using pedestals to add a special object in the picture, some […]

STOFF candle holders | All new Hans Nagel design by Just Right.

The original Nagel candle holder designed by Werner Stoff in the 60’s have been reproduced and I couldn’t be happier as I have been looking for them, and never got the change to actually buy some. Danish company Just Right re-introduced the original candle holders to consumers world wide under the brand name STOFF® Sold separately, […]

Inspiring spaces and a new style at home

Call me crazy but I really love the pictures of the raw space below that has to become the new home of Nobis Hotel in Copenhagen. I guess it is the blanc canvas and the promising light coming through the windows that made me fall in love. I am curious to see what the future […]

Styling van Joost | Bend the norm

Christmas holidays are definitely over, all work is done and I am ready to go to Cologne to style and present my booth next week. Being in January I can’t help to also think about my next trip to Milan together with two friends. We are looking at apartments at the moment and can’t wait […]

Etsy meets NL X Vosgesparis

I am pretty much in love with these warm brown and green tones lately. With all the black and industrial furniture I thought I was time to bring in some softness for winter and was happy to work on this with Etsy NL, the Dutch  Etsy community. At Etsy you will find lots of creative […]